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Making bread that makes people happy

"When people tell me this is the best bread they've tasted - that makes my day.

My love for bread began at age 8, when I tasted my first fresh-from-the-oven croissant in Montreal. It made me happy. And it was while searching for love years later that my ‘life’s calling’ became clear. In an effort to impress a date. I took her to the hot New French Cafe in Minneapolis. When my cucumber salad arrived, I was the one impressed. The glass plate, the flavors…it was an experience. I knew at that moment - I wanted to make people this happy with food.

So my journey began, taking me to the Cordon Bleu School in Paris while also working for a Parisian baker where I learned the craft, the techniques and the importance of using the best ingredients.

In 1995, I opened the New French Bakery next door to the cafe where it all began. As our bread made people happy, word spread fast - and we grew. All the while, remaining true to our name - finding new ways of going back to the old French ways of baking the best bread you've ever tasted."

Eat bread, live well,

Peter Kelsey
New French Bakery